Twenty-Somethings Trio Helping Us Give a Sh*t

Most of us get at least a small percentage of our daily news from Instagram, according to lifestyle site, POPSUGAR. But there’s one account, the site says, that manages to cut through the noise and deliver a dose of daily news and pop culture moments: Sh*t You Should Care About (SYSCA). The account is run by three New Zealand women in their early 20s – Lucy Blakiston, Ruby Edwards and Olivia Mercer.

“When I sat down with Lucy and Ruby (two-thirds of the SYSCA team), I noticed they often finish one another’s sentences and hype each other up constantly,” Angela Law writes for POPSUGAR. “They appear to be the epitome of supportive female friendship, and it’s clear this is one of the reasons they work so well together. They explain that they each have their own niche. Lucy is the head honcho and Instagram master, while Liv is the graphic design and science nut, and Ruby has their website covered.

“When Lucy, Liv, and Ruby created SYSCA in 2018, they had one goal: to help people – especially young people – understand the news in bite-size pieces that won’t cause overwhelm or news fatigue. They wanted to make stories from around the world accessible and, above all else, to continue building a platform that had no parameters, which they’ve certainly done.”

Original article by Angela Law, POPSUGAR, May 14, 2020.

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