Anouska Hempel Gives London Hotel a Sleek New Makeover

“As one of the first classic boutique townhouse hotels in London, The Franklin has recently experienced an extraordinarily stylish revamp—and designed by none other than the Bond-Girl-turned hotelier/interior designer Anouska Hempel,” writes Hana Hong for InStyle.

“The hotel is very pretty and feminine, full of Venetian splendor. Twinkling mirrored effects, stone floors mimicking the piazzas in Venice. Ikat galore. We started the design from scratch—experience and careful planning helped,” said Hempel.

“Due to its boutique-style nature, The Franklin will pride itself on highly personalized service. As the total experience unified by utter extravagance and romance, the lodging sets itself apart as a true artwork,” reports the article.

“Anouska Hempel’s work is all-encompassing. She designs the total-experience when dealing with a building; she perfects the landscape and architecture to the last stroke, and leaves behind a manual for its proper execution. Her command of the living environment generates a theatrical world and sense of harmony over everyday life,” writes Hempel.

“Originally from New Zealand, designer Anouska Hempel has solidified her reputation as a design pioneer in a myriad of ways over many years: as a couturier and as an in-demand interior designer on the London scene.” Hempel is known for designing dresses for Princess Diana and Princess Margaret.

Article Source: InStyle, Hana Hong, September 1, 2016

Image Source: InStyle

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