Rugby and Much More

The arrival of a 25 metre-long New Zealand rugby ball on Circular Quay “within cooee of the Sydney Opera House” marks one year until the 211 Rugby World Cup kicks off. As a conspicuous invitation to a fun-filled sporting festival, a large inflatable rugby ball is hard to beat. It has already graced similarly iconic spots in Paris, Tokyo and London. The Rugby World Cup, held every four years, is the world’s third largest sporting event after the FIFA World Cup and the Olympics, and RWC 211 will be the biggest crowd-puller New Zealand has staged. Tourism New Zealand and RWC 211 organiser Rugby New Zealand anticipate the 48-match event will attract 6, to 85, visitors, including about 21, Australians. New Zealand has been preparing for it for years and the prime message is that RWC 211 will offer a lot more than rugby. Throughout the event expect food and wine, a silent film festival, Old Napier Prison tours and even indoor curling.

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