Ruban Nielson Talks Music & NZ Artists

Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s “lead singer/songwriter/guitarist Ruban Nielson takes influence from a diverse group of artists ranging from Stevie Wonder to punk act the Buzzcocks to musical iconoclast Frank Zappa,” writes Carlos De Loera in an article for the Houston Chronicle which includes an interview with Nielson.

“And strangely, his sound reflects this. With a keen sense of melody Nielson is able to emulate some of Wonder’s magic” and “Nielson’s pulse-pushing, fuzzed-out guitars and heavy basslines honor the Buzzcocks.”

Nielson said he liked to work on his music when off the road.

“I’m collecting lyrics and experiences while I’m on tour but I like to have some reflective time to write so I wait to do that when I’m off the road, usually.”

When asked about his favorite New Zealand artist, Nielson said:

“The name that comes to mind is Jed Town. He’s kind of a goth, punk guy from New Zealand that had a band called Fetus Productions. He’s so interesting. When he was really young he sharpened his teeth to points. He’s one of the artists affiliated with Flying Nun that never got his proper due.”

“Chris Knox is also a big hero for me. My love of DIY recording and stuff like that comes from his influence. The Flying Nun Records legacy really had a big impact on me as a kid.”

Article Source: Houston Chronicle, Carlos De Loera, July 9, 2018

Image Source: Youtube

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