Rose McIver on Her Early Acting Days

Kiwi actress Rose McIver, who plays lead character Liv Moore in the iZombie series, recently said she wasn’t satisfied with her early acting performance.

When the actress, who is required to take on an American accent for the show, reviewed her early work she thought she was terrible.

“I was told by somebody that I was prodigious with accents and I was so good at them. I went back and watched a clip… I’m horrific. I’m terrible,” she said in the interview series Sitting Room Only.

Even though she comes from a family of artists, McIver said her parents never pushed her to start a career in Hollywood.

“My mum was really hesitant. It was never a focus in our family. It was like other people did tennis or singing. I was just allowed to be in a movie,” she said.

The third season of iZombie is scheduled for release some time in 2017.

Rose McIver is an Auckland-born actress known for The Lovely Bones (2009), Power Rangers R.P.M. (2009) and iZombie (2015).

Article Source: Fashion & Style, July 2016

Image Source: Wikipedia

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  • Michael Smythe - 9:51 am on July 21st, 2016
    All the best creatives live in a state of constant dissatisfaction! She will go far.
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