Ric Awburn’s Solution to Common Dairy Problem

A spring-loaded ballcock arm is the invention bringing a New Zealand farming family to the world market by solving problems for farmers around ensuring a water supply for livestock, Stephen Cadogan reports for the Irish Examiner.

Water problems on his own farm led Ric Awburn, inventor of the Springarm, to invent something better.

In early 2021, Ric and Marianne decided to enter their product in the annual innovation competition at New Zealand’s National Fieldays agricultural show.

This proved to be a major breakthrough, with the Springarm winning the Fieldays Innovation Award, and the $10,000 cash prize.

“Springarm is a remarkably simple and elegant solution to a well-defined and common problem,” said the innovation competition judges.

Metalform will now help Ric and his wife Marianne take Springarm to New Zealand farmers and the world, Cadogan writes.

Original article by Stephen Cadogan, Irish Examiner, June 8, 2022.

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