Revolutionary Gibbs Quadski Something Epic

“As its name suggests,” the Gibbs Quadski “was an exciting mix” of a jet ski and a quad bike, Vlad Radu writes for car and automakers database, Autoevolution. It was “the first of its kind to make it into series production, proving that [a New Zealander’s] seemingly crazy idea can lead to something epic.”

Gibbs Sports Amphibians, later known as Gibbs Amphibians, was founded by Christchurch-born businessman Alan Gibbs, who had “an unrivalled passion for amphibious vehicles”, Radu writes.

“[His] company would go on to develop the innovative Aquada. An amphibious two-seat roadster introduced in 2003, it was the fastest vehicle of its kind on both the road and the sea, but a steep price, as well as certification issues, prevented it from becoming a mass-produced hit.

“Drawbacks aside, the Quadski was an innovative vehicle that pushed amphibious technologies to new heights. Ten years after its introduction, it remains the first and most successful mass-produced vehicle of its kind.”

Original article by Vlad Radu, Autoevolution, August 29, 2022.

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