Reggae Royalty Play US

Katchafire continue their North American tour with stops in Canada, California and Guam before returning home to New Zealand with their Back to the Roots Tour through August. “There’s a load to bear when your band has been dubbed the ‘Reggae Kings’ of New Zealand,” Stephen Smysnuik writes in Pique News Magazine. “Katchafire are tasked with representing both their native culture and their nation worldwide. And that’s a wonderful thing, according to frontman Logan Bell. They like being cultural diplomats and, New Zealanders need not worry — Katchafire are the charming, soul-inflicted harbingers of all that is great and positive about reggae music. ‘This is what we do for a living,’ Bell says. ‘This is what we wanted to do when we were young. This is our dream, you know.’” Katchafire play The Bar Beach Bar and Grill in Guam on 21 July.
(12 July 2012)

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