PJs by General Sleep Chic Enough for Everywhere

“We’re months into social distancing and this way of life has become a reality both in our lives and in our wardrobes. If you’re anything like the Vogue team, you’ve probably reached for comfortable basics,” Danielle Gaye writes, profiling six brands, including New Zealand-based General Sleep, who make “versatile clothing that is as comfortable as it is chic”.

“‘We both love pyjamas,” say General Sleep founders Bailey Meredith and Greta van der Star on why they launched their label.

“Part of your business is based around a community of weavers in India, how and why is this a foundation of the business?” Gaye asks.

“‘While researching our fabrics and establishing the ethics for the company we came across handwoven fabrics and absolutely fell in love with the process and the textiles themselves,” the founders explain. ‘They are produced on large looms which are individually operated by a skilled craftsperson. It makes the process very slow and very unique.’”

“‘I love the revival of [the trend toward pyjamas as outdoor wear],” Meredith says. ‘First seen when Coco Chanel daringly established pyjamas with trousers for women in 1918 … we encourage our wearers to wear them to the ocean, and beyond.’”

Original article by Danielle Gaye, Vogue Australia, May 6, 2020.

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