On the Way to His NBA Dream

Seven-foot-tall Rotorua-born Steven Adams plays basketball for the University of Pittsburgh. “A 19-year-old with size-19 shoes, inhabiting a new world, enjoying a pit stop on the way to his NBA dream.” A “compelling” story for TV One’s Seven Sharp current affairs show. New York-based presenter New Zealander Jack Tame went to meet him. Adams is destined to ‘make millions’ in the NBA. “People in New Zealand think the NBA is the pinnacle,” Tame says. “You must think of the money. Does that come across your head at all?” “I’ve been talking to players on our team and outside of our team as well, and the main problem is they’re trying to help their family and stuff,” Adams replies. “I’m trying to do that as well, but at the same time, I’m trying to become like my sister [Valerie Adams]. You know how she’s, like, the man in shot put? I’m trying to be the man in basketball.”

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