On-the-Road Epicurean

Fat Freddy’s Drop keyboard player Dobie Blaze features in the Irish Times weekly feature “Booking the Cooks”, in which the Wellingtonian reveals his secret recipe for ravioli of abalone with sea urchin butter. “When [Blaze is] on the road, he takes a little stove with him and can be seen whipping up risottos and noodle dishes on hotel balconies. Then when he’s back in New Zealand, his passion for fresh produce will see him diving into the sea to fish out the tastiest crustaceans and forage for wild ingredients in local woodlands. Dobie’s all-time favourite meal uses an exotic shellfish called abalone. A true epicurean.” Fat Freddy’s Drop is touring Europe and most recently played at the Body Soul festival in Dublin’s Ballinlough Castle.

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