Not twee in Sydney

New Zealand popsters The Brunettes —  that’s Heather Mansfield and Jonathan Bree —  dress up in vintage at iconic Sydney store Grandma Takes A Trip for Australia’s Yen magazine. When a band is described as twee-pop, Yen’s Mel Bampton can’t help but think, ‘Oh you poor buggers, you’ve wandered into the territory of so cute, people want to hurt you.’ The Brunettes, with their high-waisted frocks and album titles such as Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks and their newie Paper Dolls, only serves to reinforce the question —  how will you sweet, sweet things survive in a world so harsh? But when Heather and Jonathan turn up at Grandma’s with a reassuringly addictive desire for caffeine, a fair share of sass and standing very tall, it would appear likely that they’ll survive just fine. Also featuring in this edition of Yen is New Zealand model Zippora Seven, 18, windswept in a seaside shoot, “Bay, bay, baby”. Seven is represented by Sydney-based agency Priscillas.

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