Northern Summer Lovers Need a Seabreacher

“Nothing says summer like a good, socially distanced splash. Whether you’re looking for an easy-to-manoeuvre three-cabin sailboat for your family, a two-seater Sea-Doo on steroids, or a double-decker party barge with a waterslide,” Mark Ellwood writes in an article for Bloomberg, which provides a “roundup of the newest and hottest toys”, and includes New Zealand-born boat builder Rob Innes’s creation, the Seabreacher.

“Think of this fish-shaped, two-seater submersible as a Sea-Doo on steroids; the enclosed pod can leap into the air and duck under the surface at up to 80km/h,” Ellwood writes. “[The Seabreacher] was designed by Innes, who considers it more like an aircraft than a watercraft, because it’s able to operate on three axes of control. With a little practice, a pilot can even do 360-degree barrel rolls while skipping across the water. The styling of the chassis adds a witty touch: Take your pick from sharks, whales, or dolphins. The company custom-builds only about two dozen of the craft each year.”

Original article Mark Ellwood, Bloomberg, May 13, 2021.

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