Nadia Lim Cooks Up a Culinary Empire

New Zealand chef Nadia Lim has turned her passion for cooking into the profitable business My Food Bag, which she co-founded with her husband Carlos Bagrie  and business powerhouses Theresa Gattung and Cecilia Robinson.

The idea behind My Food Bag, and My Own Food Bag for single people, is simple.

Customers choose from a selection of potential ingredients and meals that are then delivered to their door along with a list of easy-to-follow recipes.

“It’s changing the way people eat,” said Nadia Lim.

“The feedback we get is astounding, people say it has improved or even fixed their marriage. Partners who never used to cook are now cooking, kids are now cooking a few nights a week and that has a huge impact on their future.”

Today the business has increased its staff from five to 70 and the database holds around 3,500 recipes.

“I think we all knew it would do well, we knew this was a real problem point for so many people,” said Lim.

“But it exceeded all of our expectations.”

My Food Bag currently delivers to 14 places in New Zealand as well as to Sydney and Melbourne in Australia.

Nadia Lim is a New Zealand born celebrity chef and entrepreneur. Lim won MasterChef in New Zealand in 2011 and is one of the co-founders of home-delivery food service My Food Bag.

Article Source: Daily Mail, Lauren Grounsell, November 22, 2015.

Image Source: Youtube

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