Millar’s better life

New Zealand artist Judy Millar, 53, who lives in Auckland and Berlin, is exhibiting at the Hamish Morrison Galerie in the German capital, her first solo show entitled ‘A Better Life’ since her major installation in La Maddalena at the 29 Venice Biennale. Large lengths of canvas printed with Millar’s painterly marks flow through the confines of the gallery like collapsed billboard advertisements, lying piled up and curling over themselves. Millar explains: “Yesterday while travelling through the city by cab I saw an image that corresponds closely to the piece I’ve made for the show. A shampoo advertisement of a many-storied high head had hair falling in curls down a building’s facade and around the building’s corner. The curls gained volume and contour from the building’s form while at the same time deconstructing the building’s outline.” Millar is currently completing a three-month residency at the ISCP programme in New York. ‘A Better Life’ runs through June 5.

Tags: Berlin  Hamish Morrison Galerie  Judy Millar  Venice Biennale