Middle Earth’s Man Contemplates Doctor Who Offer

Peter Jackson has confirmed reports that he has offered to direct an episode of Doctor Who. “I’m a Doctor Who fan, certainly. I’m of the generation that hid behind the sofa, and Patrick Troughton was my Doctor. I have admired what they’ve done recently.”

The offer came after Doctor Who actor Matt Smith jokingly suggested that the show might film in New Zealand if Peter Jackson agreed to direct. Jackson didn’t hesitate.

“We started getting calls from journalists saying, ‘Wow – is Peter interested in directing Doctor Who?’ I just said, ‘Sure’.

“I actually would, because I’ve never done TV before, and I like the show, and it would be fun. It was sort of a joke but we’ll try to make it happen at some point. But, hey, the All Blacks v the Daleks would be the way I’m going. The All Blacks will have to win, as would be expected. The Daleks would have no chance!”

Jackson says his favourite Doctor Who episode was the 2005 Stephen Moffat-directed episode called “The Empty Child”.

Jackson’s The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug is on in UK cinemas now.

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