Lonely’s Latest Campaign Embraces Beauty Of Ageing

As New Zealand-based label Lonely continues to break down barriers in the world of lingerie, they’re back with another powerful campaign for spring, this time around, celebrating the beauty of ageing.

Their latest muse is 57-year-old Mercy Brewer, an ex-punk from the ’80s who modelled amongst the likes of Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell while living in London squats. The campaign challenges the societal norms we’re force-fed by other brands that only focus on youthful imagery and young models.

“The beauty and fashion industries are so obsessed with youth, but the reality is we are all ageing, and there are so many wonderful things about growing older,” Lonely co-founder and designer Helene Morris says. “So often the primary message around age is intervention, which is a frustrating response to such a natural, inevitable process.”

Lonely has flagship boutiques in Auckland and Wellington, with stockists across the globe from Tokyo to Los Angeles.

Original article by Jenna Igneri, Nylon, March 9, 2017.

Photo by Harry Were.

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