Kimbra Displays Impressive Range On ‘Primal Heart’

“If there’s any musical justice, Kimbra’s third studio album should be the one that finally catapults the New Zealander to the acclaim she deserves,” writes Mark Kennedy in a review of her latest album for the Observer-Reporter.

“On the 12-track Primal Heart, the multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter shows off her impressive range, from glistening techno-pop to string-and-piano-fed torch songs to even a world beat-driven club banger,” as reported in the article.

The Kiwi singer, who already has two Grammy Awards, thanks to her monster collaboration on Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know”, had a hand in writing every song on the album.

“John Congleton, who won a Grammy for producing St. Vincent’s self-titled album, teams up with Kimbra to produce the album, for which Kimbra had a hand in writing every song.”

Kennedy describes her track “Top of the World” as “high-energy, hypnotic” “with wonderfully bombastic lyrics” and “Human” as “smartly constructed, layered pop”.

“There’s something for everyone on “Primal Heart” – you just have to listen. “Tell me, are you out there?” she sings on the album. “Can you send me a sign?” It’s time she got one,” writes Kennedy.

Article Source: Observer-Reporter, Mark Kennedy, April 17, 2018

Image Source: Wikipedia

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