Kathy Johnston’s Mirzam Chocolate Seduces in Dubai

A vibrant culinary tapestry, Dubai’s homegrown delights make it a gastronomic haven for the serious foodie as well as the casual cafe hopper. The city is home to umpteen local brands and boutique cafes, which offer an authentic taste of diverse flavours, from New York style burgers to Japanese sushi to chocolate creations made by New Zealander Kathy Johnston at Mirzam, The Hindu reports.

“If you want to experience the art of chocolate making, you can’t give a miss to Mirzam, located in Dubai’s industrial art district of Al Quoz,” the publication writes. “View the entire production through the shop’s glass windows, from the roasting to the packing of the artisanal chocolates. This bean-to-bar chocolate factory, founded by Johnston who has spent nearly all her life in Dubai, seduces you with exquisite handcrafted creations that marry the richness of premium cocoa with the distinct essence of local ingredients. This is a chocolate lover’s paradise that promises to enchant your senses.”

Original article by The Hindu, July 28, 2023.

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