Joseph Lawrence’s Business Looks Beyondhealth

Joseph Lawrence, a 35-year-old New Zealander and trained musculo-skeletal physiotherapist, thinks he has the answer changing the underlying health issues that could give us a better life, London’s Evening Standard reports.

Arriving in the UK 10 years ago, Lawrence came trained as a physio, having dreamed of working for the All Blacks. But once he stepped into the professional sports sphere, he realised it wasn’t for him. He explains: “I’m pretty big on lifestyle and if you’re working in elite sport you have to work too many weekends and you can’t do what you want to do.

“They can also be quite big personalities which can be hard work, so I wanted to apply what we were doing with them to normal people.”

So, five years ago, he set up Beyondhealth with a group of like-minded physios to see if the technology could be adapted to suit the needs of bankers, businessmen and even journalists.

Most of his clients are recovering from injuries, and he monitors their recovery to assure the healing process goes well before assessing them for any potential lifestyle changes. But more people are coming to him to generally improve their wellbeing and get some guidance on where to start making small, manageable adjustments.

The problem is, as he explains: “If you just ask people how they feel, their perception of health and exercise will generally be exaggerated. People tend not to say ‘my life is a bit all over the shop at the moment’.”

He hopes a new service – the MoRe method – will give clients a better picture of what is happening to them throughout each day.

Set up with an investment of £200,000 by majority shareholder Lawrence and his peers, it took three years to break even and ploughed every penny he had into it.

But the work is paying off, and with a turnover of £800,000 last year, revenues expect to hit £1 million this year – all from one site.

Original article by Simon Neville, Evening Standard, February 22, 2016.

Photo by Daniel Hambury.

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