Island artscape

Bailey, a full-time artist whose Maori, Irish and Dutch heritage is central to his work is one of more than 1 who make Waiheke Island their home, many of whom open their studios to visitors, writes former inhabitant Susannah Walker for The Sydney Morning Herald. “Pre-eminent New Zealand sculptor Denis O’Connor moved to the island 4 years ago and gathered a group of artists around him; others followed, drawn by Waiheke’s beauty and easy pace. Headland Sculpture on the Gulf, a biennial outdoor exhibition on the island, held from January 28 to February 2 will feature 4 new large-scale works — including Fletcher Vaughan’s playing card structure ‘Collapse’ — selected from more than 16 submissions by local and international artists. Chosen for their appropriateness to the site and connection with the landscape by a panel of New Zealand selectors, there are interactive and kinetic works, soundscapes and installations. ‘We are getting cutting-edge, innovative new work,’ the event’s director, Juliet Monaghan says. ‘The site is a very significant part of the event and the work is often site-specific … some are even referencing a specific tree.’”

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