Inspiring Model Georgia Pratt Says to Be Your Truth

As anyone who’s spent time in a few fitting rooms knows, finding a great pair of jeans can take a little time – almost as much time as it can take to find your style, your voice, and really, yourself. Canadian Grace Mahary who along with fellow models New Zealander Georgia Pratt and Korean Ji Hye Park says she struggled to find where she fit in.

The trio frolicked through New York City head to toe in Target’s new Universal Thread denim for a recent Vogue video.

The aesthetic conflict was only compounded by something larger: That she didn’t relate to many of the fashion world’s role models at the time. “It can be really difficult for someone to find their confidence, especially for girls who look like me,” Mahary said. “But I realised you can’t let anyone else define you – you have to make your own category.”

“It’s all about being your truth,” agrees plus-size model Pratt who, like Park, moved to New York five years ago.

“There were a lot of people in my corner wanting me to do well, and that is something I am very grateful for,” Pratt says of the transition from newbie model to veteran. “There was a lot of risk-taking and not knowing, which was quite out of my comfort zone. But it taught me not to second-guess myself.”

And trusting yourself is something all three women point to when it comes to success in style – and life. “When you’re the best version of your confident self, that’s what people notice first,” Pratt says. “Good jeans become part of the way your body lives in the world. They adopt their own scent and they mold to you – they are an impression of how you live.”

Pratt is trained in fashion design, and together with models Katy Syme and Candice Huffine, for their label Tria, has collaborated with inclusive sizing brand, Universal Standard.

Original article by Vogue, February 12, 2018.

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