Home is Where the Beer Is

A house where every tap pours cold beer? Yeah, right. Tui – the beer brand which created the Yeah, Right advertising billboards and commercials – has teamed up with a bunch of New Zealand mates to pull the ultimate lager-loving prank on their mate, known simply as Russ.

The friends, who reportedly constantly wind each other up with various shenanigans, teamed up with Tui to replumb Russ’ house, connecting every tap, including the shower, to refrigerated kegs of beer. They then wired the home with cameras to record the stunt.

The video, which has had more than 300,000 hits on YouTube, will be used as part of a viral campaign for the brand.

The video shows Russ returning home with his partner to discover the kitchen tap is running, alerting the couple to the strange changes to their home: “It’s cold beer, too,” remarks a clearly perplexed Russ, who then dons his overalls to investigate under the house. The game is then up.

A Tui spokesman said the group were all legitimate mates and nobody was paid to appear in the video.

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