Graeme Sait Discusses a Chemical-Free World

Educator and writer Graeme Sait’s mission in life is creating a new agricultural paradigm for the world to improve human health. Soil health and nutrition farming is what the New Zealander imparts and India, and the world, is in dire need with our topsoil depleted with chemicals.

Sait’s book Nutrition Rules has been an international bestseller, republished seven times. His weekly blogs have thousands of followers. His cause: to tell humans about the indelible link between soil health and human health – we are what we eat and we eat from a soil that has been mineralised for decades and is the cause of auto immune diseases, cancer, Parkinsons and heart disease, for example.

Sait, who lives on two demonstration farms in Queensland, walks the talk, while literally travelling millions of miles teaching the links between soil, human and planetary health. Fighting companies like Monsanto, treading a lonely path against lobbying and filled with angst, “It became my mission as I recognised in this climate change challenge that humus, which is the organic matter, and the soil is interconnected.”

Busy with three books now – one on prostate cancer, where he writes about how this biggest killer is indelibly connected with chemicals in agriculture, he is also writing a book on nutrition farming that includes know-how from his four-day course.

Sait and his partner Moira have four children each, so it’s quite a rambunctious bunch when the family gets together. His farm is his solace, where nutrition farming comes full circle, something he wishes everyone will adapt. Or perish.

“It is beautiful, absolutely glorious, you are looking at two rain forest mountains and since we have been doing this without chemicals, all the wildlife has come back, it’s like a piece of heaven.”

Something we all should have in our world, a chemical free nutrition based agriculture, our own piece of heaven.

Sait is the CEO and co-founder of Nutri-Tech Solutions.

Original article by Suruchi Kapur Gomes, Deccan Chronicle, December 3, 2017.

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