Gourmet Burger Kitchen

London’s Gourmet Burger Kitchen – the brainchild of three Kiwi entrepreneurs – is credited with starting the trend for  fast food for the organic generation” in a lengthy Guardian piece. Now boasting 8 restaurants, the GBK chain was founded in 2001 by Greg Driscoll, Brandon Allen and Adam Wills. “Food made with good quality, fresh ingredients is part of any New Zealander’s upbringing,” says Driscoll. “It’s that casual but quality food experience you get in NZ we wanted to bring to London.” GBK has inspired a slew of imitators, but the original remains “the biggest, best known and most successful.” Driscoll, Allen and Wills recently sold their business to Clapham House for $25 million, but will stay on as company directors.


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Sabine Marcelis Wallpaper Designer of the Year

Sabine Marcelis Wallpaper Designer of the Year

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