Gibbs Farm – An Insta-Worthy Travel Experience

“Social media has enabled people to travel brag as soon as the vacation starts.” The most common themes are food, landscapes or landmarks, cityscapes, beaches and drinks. Posing with unique art installations at Gibbs Farm Kaipara Harbor, New Zealand has been featured as Insta-worthy moment in an article in The Asian Age. The list “features jaw-dropping natural landscapes and quirky cocktails from towns and cities less traversed.”

“Sitting in a farm amidst grazing cows in New Zealand’s North Island is a humongous 85-meter-long red trumpet, a towering 6-meter-tall giraffe, and what looks like a giant piece of paper floating gently in the wind,” reports the article.

“These are some of the surreal sculptures within Gibbs farm, a thousand-acre sculpture park where colossal pieces of art intermingle harmoniously with the vast green landscape.”

The Farm is open to the public only twice a month and by an appointment basis only.

“There are 28 sculptures created by some of the most acclaimed artists globally, including Anish Kapoor and Richard Serra. One can easily spend hours admiring and finding the best angles to snap these Instagram-worthy sculptures,” reports the article.

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Article Source: The Asian Age, February 28, 2018
Image Source: Twitter –

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