“This Giant Papier-Mâché Boulder Is Actually Really Heavy” Excels On A Shoestring

“With an affection for nerd culture that is inversely proportional to its budget, this lo-fi sci-fi comedy is destined for laugh-filled late-night viewing,” writes Kimber Myers in a review in the LA Times. This Giant Papier-Mâché Boulder Is Actually Really Heavy was directed by Auckland-born Christian Nicolson and co-written by Andrew Beszant.

At a science-fiction convention the three friends Daniel Pujol,  Christian Nicolson and Lewis Roscoe “are sucked into an alternate universe that looks just like a black-and-white B movie set in space, where they’re the heroes who have to fight intergalactic supervillain Lord Froth (Joseph Wycoff) alongside heroine Emmanor (Sez Niederer),” as reported in the article.

With the low-cost sci-fi film Nicolson proves that it isn’t necessary to spend hundreds of millions to make a movie that will transport genre lovers into its world, as reported in the article.

Christian Nicolson is an Auckland-born artist, graphic designer and film maker. In 1992 he completed a Diploma in Design (Visual Communications) at Unitec in Auckland and went on to work as an artist as well as art director in design and advertising in both New Zealand and in London. Nicolson “funded much of the film by selling off paintings and sculptures,” as reported on Stuff.

Article Source: LA Times, Kimber Myers, January 18, 2018

Image Source: Youtube

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