Food for thought

A lengthy Independent feature examines Auckland’s burgeoning food scene – and NZ’s as a whole. While NZ has embraced café culture (“probably the best espresso experience outside Italy in about 13 years, skipping the Starbucks phase altogether”), the Kiwi meat and two veg dinner mindset has been a tougher nut to crack. “We are trying to educate our public by taking them on a taste journey, rather than offering them a stomach-filler,” says  Morgan. “We are getting there, slowly.” Eateries leading the charge towards gastronomic greatness include Citron (Wellington), The Spire (Queenstown), Dizengoff, SPQR, Dine by Peter Gordon, Soul and The French Café (all Auckland). Says the writer, “Personally, I came to scoff, but left converted.” 


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Sandra Nunnerley Launches Sculptural Corian Tables

Sandra Nunnerley Launches Sculptural Corian Tables

What happens when you shape Corian, a material best known for kitchen and bathroom applications, into modern furniture? Something arrestingly beautiful – more indicative of museum-grade sculpture than a mere functional…