Eric “Bueller” Watson

SMH charts the enviable career of Eric Watson; from butcher’s apprentice to multimillionaire businessman and owner of the NZ Warriors, (who bowed out in the semi-finals of the 2003 NRL to eventual winners Penrith). “See Eric Watson and you can’t help but think of the character Ferris Bueller, from the movie  Ferris Bueller’s Day Off […] the teenager who gets into all sorts of difficult situations but gets out of every one of them, just by thinking clearly and being cool. Oh, and he gets the girl, too. Eric is the man you imagine Ferris grew up into. Watson is so cool that you just know he didn’t suddenly become cool in his 20s, or his 30s. He’s been cool since day one, for sure.” In his latest incarnation as movie mogul, Watson recently opened Capital Pictures and funded Geoff Murphy’s NZ-made film, Spooked.

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