Eleanor Catton to Speak at Edinburgh Book Festival

Booker Prize winner New Zealander Eleanor Catton, author of Birnam Wood, will be in conversation with former first minister Nicola Sturgeon at the Edinburgh Book Festival on 24 August, The Herald reports.

“A decade after she became the youngest person to win Booker Prize with her second novel, The Luminaries, and three years on from its TV adaptation by the BBC and Catton’s own film adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma, [Catton] hits Edinburgh to talk about her new novel, Birnam Wood,” Barry Didcock writes for The Herald. “Based loosely on the story of Macbeth – if you know Shakespeare’s play you’ll understand the reference – it centres on two young, off-grid environmentalists who come up against a rare-earth mining operation. The event is titled Green Is The Colour Of Money.”

Catton, 37, is now based in Cambridge, UK.

Original article by Barry Didcock, The Herald, June 15, 2023.

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