Eco-Friendly Startup Aims to Reduce Plastic Dumped Into Ocean

“80 billion plastic bottles from shampoo and conditioner alone enter our oceans every year,” writes Mara Leighton in an article for Business Insider. Ethique – a New Zealand beauty start-up produces solid shampoo and conditioner bars with the aim to reduce the amount of plastic bottles dumped into the ocean annually.

“After learning she could make a super concentrated shampoo bar, founder Brianne West moved on to formulate a line of more than 30 solid beauty bars in the lab: shampoos, conditioners, cleansers, scrubs, moisturizers, serums, self-tanners, pet shampoo, and body washes, writes Leighton.

Ethique’s bars are cruelty-free, vegan, waste-free, made and packaged with biodegradable materials, and last 2-5 times longer than liquid options. None of their bars leave a trace on the environment.

Leighton, who tested the bars herself, said “the bars are a win-win-win option if you’re trying to save money or treat your body and the environment better without sacrificing on performance or convenience.”

“Ethique bars contain little or no preservatives but are packed with fresh and natural ingredients like coconut oil, cocoa butter, kiwifruit seed oil and essential oils,” writes Leighton.

The solid bars also “last 2-5 times longer than liquid products because they’re super-concentrated,” which will likely save people some money.

“Ethique is made with biodegradable ingredients and packaging so their solid bars leave no trace on the earth. To date, the company has prevented more than 150,000 plastic bottles from being made and disposed of,” writes Leighton.

“In 2015, Ethique was recognized as New Zealand’s most sustainable business with ‘the Best in B’ award,” as reported in the article.

Article Source: Business Insider, Mara Leighton, May 3, 2018
Image Source: Facebook – Ethique

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