Brianne West Revolutionising Beauty Industry

In a feature published by The CEO Magazine, Ethique’s founder and CEO New Zealander Brianne West reveals the logistics of getting a regenerative beauty business onto the world stage and the mass appeal of her products for consumers.

For West, who’s been operating Ethique for just over nine years, the beauty space – while teeming with one new formulation after the next – ultimately needs brands that deliver outstanding products that are supported by solid green credentials and transparent supply chains.

Notably, Ethique, which produces a range of solid hair, face and body bars, is one of the first B Certified Corps in New Zealand alongside the following certifications: palm oil free; compostable packaging; cruelty free and vegan; and living wage certified, to name a few.

“I want to be a billion-dollar global trusted brand because that will not only enable us to save however many plastic bottles and pay our team a bigger wage, but also work with more direct trade suppliers,” West says.

Original article by The CEO Magazine, May 4, 2022.

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