Ahi’s Ben Bayly Inspired by Right Here

Ben Bayly, chef, television personality and owner of new Auckland CBD restaurant, Ahi is profiled in The CEO Magazine. The feature focuses on how Bayly, who has run establishments all over the world, is honouring native ingredients and celebrating the growers, harvesters, producers, staff and everything New Zealand.

“Our inspiration starts here,” Bayly says. “We only use New Zealand ingredients, and we tell the story of our suppliers. It’s not a new thing that’s happening in New Zealand, but three or four years ago, no-one was doing that.”

“I want to help define what New Zealand food is because New Zealand like Australia is very migrant driven. We’re a country of migrants,” Bayly tells The CEO Magazine.

Ahi serves charcoaled half crayfish with Karitane green onion and ginger sauce and lemon-sorrel salad; Wagyu short rib from Canterbury and bavette with kohlrabi; and Auckland Island scampi corndog with JoBros Original sauce.

Original article by The CEO Magazine, September 21, 2020.

Photo by Ahi.

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