Dropping Soul-Dub in to Some Far-Flung Corners

Wellington septet Fat Freddy’s Drop “are spreading their infectious grooves all over the world,” according to The Sydney Morning Herald’s Paris Pompor. In a shrinking, fibre-connected world, the band find themselves in ever more far-flung corners. “We get emails from all over the place,” saxophonist Scott Towers says.

“You get a real sense of where there might be little bolt-holes of people [who] will support you by coming out to your shows,” Towers says. “There aren’t too many places we haven’t been.”

From Dublin to Ostroda, Copenhagen to Stockholm, Towers ticks off growing itineraries with the satisfaction of a sightseer who views gigging as a convenient entree to tourism.

“We ended up in Hawaii a couple of years ago,” Towers says. “Somehow, no matter where you are in the world, some random Kiwi guy will show up, whether you’re in Poland, New York or, in this case, Hawaii.”

Fat Freddy’s Drop are currently on tour in Australia, with European dates from 1 October. Their latest album Blackbird is out now.

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