Dive into Your Superconscious with Chris Duncan

If you’ve felt like you’re at a psychological plateau lately, relief may be only a page turn away, Forbes contributor Serenity Gibbons writes. Gibbons has put together a list of books, including You’re Not Broken by New Zealander Chris Duncan, “to help get you closer to your best life”.

“Too many of us cling to the premise that something’s wrong with us innately, that we need to be fixed before we can soar. Duncan believes otherwise,” Gibbons writes. “He outlines a five-step method to unlocking creative energy and potential in a way that doesn’t involve un-breaking your spirit. You’re Not Broken comes at the concept of self-help from a completely different, transformational angle. Prepare to dive deeply into your Superconscious – and jettison all those false beliefs that are holding you back.”

Duncan lives on the Gold Coast.

Original article by Serenity Gibbons, Forbes, June 1, 2021.

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