Discovering the ‘Four Prongs Of Wellness’ At Split Apple Retreat

“At first glance, Split Apple is not unlike luxury coastal retreats the world over: beautiful bedrooms, welcoming hosts and spectacular sea views. But those in the know come for the individually-tailored health and wellbeing programme offered by retired doctor Lee,” who is one of the owners, writes Belinda Maude in an article for The Telegraph. Maude came to stay at Split Apple Retreat and tried a programme encompassing four prongs of wellness, which was recommended to her by Lee.

The retreat “appeals to anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle and teaches valuable lessons in fighting infection, a frequent cause of debilitating disease,” writes Maude.

The first prong of wellness was a lesson in nutrition. “Chef and co-owner Pen is the mastermind in the kitchen and every evening she cooks up a nutrient-rich, Mediterranean-Asian five-course dinner “without resorting to any of the ‘bad stuff’.”

The second prong was all about the benefits of supplements. Lee advised Maude on anti-inflammatory supplements tailored to her specific health needs.

Daily exercise was the third prong. While Split Apple has a small gym, there’s plenty of opportunity for outdoor exercise in the beautiful surroundings. There’s “the infinity pool, which overlooks the glittering Tasman Sea towards the gold sand beaches of nearby Abel Tasman National Park” and great walks in the National Park’s dense rainforest.

The fourth and final prong in the wellness programme tailored to Maude’s needs was learning how to handle stress. “It soon became clear that this is the most important prong of the wellness quartet. There’s plenty of evidence that backs up the remarkable link between a healthy mind and a healthy body,” writes Maude.

“The retreat itself is a haven of peace and quiet. Hidden benches in the Japanese garden provide space for reflection, there’s a yoga hut, an in-house masseuse and a well-equipped spa. Morning meditation is encouraged, but optional.”

Lee, who follows up with guests every six months said it “wasn’t about making dramatic changes.” “A few simple improvements can considerably impact health, happiness and longevity.”

To read more about Lee, Pen and Split Apple, click here.

Article Source: The Telegraph, Belinda Maude, December 6, 2017
Image Source: Facebook – Split Apple Retreat

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