Colorado’s Mountain Pie Co Expand Business

New Zealander Matt Campbell and his wife Tara, owners of Mountain Pie Co, have vastly expanded their Colorado Springs-based meat pie production.

“I bought a new pie production machine from Australia, which allows me make up to 1500 pies an hour,” Campbell said.

Tara added, “In saying that, though, I do think it’s important to say that our pies are still made in very small batches by commercial standards. This equipment just allows us to continue using high-quality ingredients like Callicrate beef and pork, Colorado-grown unbleached natural flour and our signature all butter and sour cream crust, while staying competitive on price as we continue to grow as a business.”

The machine cuts sheets of pastry to fit into pie tins, fills the pans with filling and tops the tin with another piece of pasty. A bonus for the Campbells since adding the new equipment is being able to make use of pastry trimmings.

“I can reroll the pastry trimmings on the sheeting machine to make what we call in New Zealand a ‘bake,’” he said. “This is great for us since my pie dough is made with butter or cream cheese, which is expensive if it were not used.”

Flavours include Steak & Ale, Pork Green Chilli, White Wine Chicken & Rosemary and Vegetarian Coconut Curry.

Mountain Pie Co was founded in 2013.

Original article by Teresa Farney, The Gazette, June 7, 2018.

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