Chef Ryan Arboleda Takes Tapas to the next Level

New Zealand-born chef de cuisine Ryan Arboleda, 34, has contrasted “complimentary elements” fusing “traditional and contemporary techniques with cross continent flavours” for his new menu at The Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur’s Saujana Hotel.

Arboleda fits together pieces of the puzzle that make up his 14 years of experience, largely influenced by the flavours he picked up while working in Thailand and the defining characteristics of Australian food, the Star reports.

The merging of flavours – a contemporary experimentation – gives birth to some interesting tapas offering at The Restaurant.

“I wanted to present authentic flavours, not just give you tourist food. I want to show people the authentic side of what I’ve actually learnt,” Arboleda said.

“The Massaman which is my favourite curry, is quite unique. In Thailand, meat is usually used but I chose to use seafood instead. I garnished it with som tum because it is a street food that you can find anywhere in Thailand and I love its sweet-sour notes, its texture and I was addicted the first time I tried it in Thailand,” he said.

Arboleda, who is originally from Auckland, has also worked in Abu Dhabi and Melbourne.

Original article by Yvonne Nathan, The Star, August 18, 2015.

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