Celebs Fans of New Zealand-Made Beauty

“Picture New Zealand and you’re likely to conjure up otherworldly forests and towering mountains from Lord of the Rings. But thanks to celebrities including Margot Robbie, Katie Holmes and Billie Eilish, ‘NZ Beauty’ could be about to topple K Beauty off its throne,” Olivia Jordan Cornelius writes for the UK’s Glamour magazine.

“Up until now NZ Beauty has been an insider secret. But, if you dream of glowing skin, fit for a Tolkien elf, you’d do well to turn your attention to skincare from Aotearoa,” Cornelius writes.

“With international stockists snapping up Kiwi brands such as Emma Lewisham, Antipodes and Syrene, you needn’t take the 26-hour flight to experience it. New Zealand, after all, is just about as far away as you can get. And for skincare, therein lies its power.”

Original article by Olivia Jordan Cornelius, Glamour, August 11, 2023.

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