Call Time on Titanic Says Explorer Rob McCallum

Founder of EYOS Expeditions New Zealander Rob McCallum will never forget the first time he saw the Titanic through the porthole window of a submersible. Emotions welled as he contemplated a lifetime of exploring that led him to this point, 3800m beneath the sea.

But now – in the wake of a disaster that claimed five lives and amid a US court challenge to restrict access to the Titanic – the professional expedition leader, who has led more than 1000 expeditions around the world, wants the industry to call time on Titanic exploration.

“There are a number of [important] expeditions circling around the world,” McCallum told CBC News. “It’s time to move on from Titanic and go explore other parts of the ocean that are so far unknown to us.”

In 2023, McCallum led the ‘Interstellar Expedition’ for Harvard University, successfully locating the worlds meteorite from outside our solar system at a depth of 1700m.

Original article by Ryan Cooke, CBC News, September 23, 2023.

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