Bright Football Star

New Zealand striker Kris Bright, 22, has signed a two-year contract with England’s League Two Shrewsbury, and  according to the BBC’s sports blogger Paul Fletcher, “in an era when many footballers are regarded as pampered and luxuriated individuals, nobody could accuse Bright of an easy ride.” He has played in Holland, Norway and Greece, had trials at Kilmarnock and Norwich and spent several months as a 16-year-old at Gillingham. Bright has finally fulfilled his long-held ambition to play in England. As Bright told Fletcher: “If there was a Champions League team on the moon that wanted to sign me, I would go there.” Bright’s impressive goals-to-games ratio invited comparisons to Manchester United legend Ole Gunnar Solskjaer that the modest young New Zealander was keen to avoid. “People were saying stupid things, comparing us,” said a clearly embarrassed Bright. “The boys at the club gave me a bit of stick about it so I wanted it toned down a little bit. My aim is to play in the Premier League and it is all about stepping stones. I am feeling good and waiting for my chance.” Kris Bright is the son of 1982 World Cup defender Dave Bright.

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