Author Janet Frame On Cover of Turkish Newspaper

A portrait of Janet Frame by American celebrity photographer Jerry Bauer recently featured on the front page of Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet Kitap. Several of Frame’s titles are currently being reprinted in Turkish, her official Facebook author page says.

In the accompanying story about the “reclusive but internationally acclaimed author”, Z. Doğan Koreli writes that Frame “destroyed narrative templates and made her both the voice of modern loners” and “the guide of defiant free women in a blurred and sad world.”

“[She] did not give in to tragedies, was excluded as ‘crazy’, [and] narrowly escaped a lobotomy.”

Frame died in Dunedin, where she was born, in 2004. She was 79.

Original article by Z. Doğan Koreli, Cumhuriyet Kitap, September 2022.

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