Arias for Chanteuse

Ladyhawke picked up two awards in the breakthrough single and album categories at the recent 2009 Australian Music Awards (Arias). The 30-year-old singer, originally from Masterton, performed her single ‘My Delirium’ live at the awards in Sydney. Ladyhawke, aka Phillipa Brown, said it had been an amazing year for her since releasing her self-titled solo album. “I wanted to write exactly the sort of music I would want to listen to myself,” she said. “I’ve always been huge pop fan and I wanted to experiment with pop and push myself and see how far I could go. “I think it’s really cool because I never thought of myself as a pop star or a pop type person.” In early December, Ladyhawke participated in the UK No Surrender Charitable Trust celebrity auction. Her work was exhibited alongside the likes of Placebo, Friendly Fires and The Crave in a show called Art of Music ’09 at Proud Gallery in Camden.

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