10,000 NZ light bulbs help the Cook islands become energy efficient

The Cook Islands wants to generate 100% of its energy supply from renewable sources by 2020. Encouraging the more efficient use of existing energy resources is a vital part of this transition. Recently, Te Aponga Uira, the major Cook Island’s electricity provider, Philips New Zealand and NZ Aid came together to help install energy efficient lighting in Rarotongan homes. Te Aponga purchased 10,000 Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) from Philips New Zealand to begin the project. NZ Aid and Te Aponga supplied $70,000 in funding, and local firms handled the installation, reports The Cook Islands News. The new CFL bulbs will replace the old incandescent light bulbs, which are less energy efficient. Each household in the programme will receive four CFL bulbs. Renewable energy project developer Alex Henry, project supervisor, said that the team has had a positive reaction from households so far. ‘We’ve had a good response. A lot of people have been at home and a lot of people were expecting us, ‘ Henry told The Cook Islands News.

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