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Film & TV | Variety Magazine
23 December 2021
How Peter Jackson Became a Local Hero after LOTR
When Amazon announced in August 2021 that its billion-dollar Lord of the Rings TV series would shift production to England, fans were stunned. Though J.R.R. Tolkien was British and though the settings are fictional, New Zealand and Middle-earth have become synonymous,…

Taste | Independent (The)
23 December 2021
We Are Writing Our Own Food History
In an article for UK newspaper The Independent, New Zealander Molly Codyre, editorial assistant and food and drink writer for the publication, decides to find out what New Zealand cuisine really…
Film & TV | Vanity Fair
23 December 2021
On the Stunning Visuals in The Power of the Dog
“The incredible natural landscapes of The Power of the Dog provide an unsettlingly beautiful backdrop to Jane Campion’s The Power of the Dog. Nary a frame…
Business | Business Matters
22 December 2021
Tesco Picks Up Alistair King’s Pet Food Nood
Co-founder of New Zealand pet food brand Nood, Alistair King, 22, who has just launched the premium product range at Tesco in the UK, speaks to Business Matters…
General | Conversation (The)
21 December 2021
Civil Liberties in the Covid Age Discussed
“Vaccines, their mandates and certificates have ignited heated debate about civil liberties in New Zealand. Add MIQ, climate change, the government’s Three Waters policy…
Visual Arts | About Her
20 December 2021
Riyadh Sculpture Prize for Artist Anna Korver
Taranaki sculptor Anna Korver has been awarded first place at the 2021 edition of Tuwaiq Sculpture for her work entitled, ‘The Lighthouses triptych’.


Dance | Nylon
17 December 2021
Parris Goebel in Nike Dance as Sport Campaign
New Zealand dancer Parris Goebel is the creative mastermind behind some of the best choreography from your favourite pop stars, Maria Bobila reports for Nylon. So…
Music | Daily Mail
16 December 2021
Musical in Pipeline about Surgeon Archibald McIndoe
The story of the pioneering Dunedin-born surgeon Archibald McIndoe who developed a host of new treatments during the Second World War to help heal…
Science/Tech | Bloomberg
15 December 2021
Space Man Peter Beck Makes Annual Bloomberg 50
“In high school a guidance counsellor told Peter Beck that a career building rockets was ‘absurdly unachievable’. And it did take the New Zealander a while…
Media | Architectural Digest
13 December 2021
Turning New Zealand into 1925 Montana
The Power of the Dog’s production designer Grant Major built the film’s ranch from the ground up on location in Jane Campion’s native New Zealand, which, thanks to its remoteness,…
Sport General | BBC Sport
11 December 2021
Commonwealth Games CE Katie Sadleir Has Big Plans
The Commonwealth Games could undergo “dramatic change” by the middle of the next decade, according to its new chief executive, New Zealander Katie…
Nature | New Scientist
10 December 2021
Haast’s Eagle’s Hunting and Eating Habits Examined
For more than a century, scientists have wondered whether New Zealand’s huge carnivorous Haast’s eagle, that went extinct around 600 years…
America’s Cup | BBC News
14 December 2001
Kiwi Hero Laid to Rest
A thousand mouners gather at the parish church of St Thomas a Becket in Warblington to pay their respects to the late Sir Peter Blake. “Peter Blake was a living legend. I believe that he was held in high esteem…
New Zealand | Journal News
17 December 2006
Action Packed Queenstown
A self-confessed lazy New Yorker experiences adventure tourism NZ-style in Queenstown. The Skyline luge run is the highlight of a three-day trip which includes and…
Education | Gaurdian (The)
16 December 2011
Pupils Staying Strong
Students from Fendalton Open-Air School in Christchurch are the first group members — calling themselves Faultline Fiction — of the Guardian site to vividly recount what happened when earthquakes struck their city, changing…
Arts | Tonedeaf
15 December 2016
Flight Of The Conchords One of The Best Comedy Bands In History
New Zealand’s comedy duo Flight Of The Conchords has been labelled one of the best comedy bands…

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