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New Zealand | Forbes
04 May 2020
New Zealand Will Be Waiting for You
“New Zealand remains on the top of many tourists’ travel bucket lists,” Forbes contributor Fiona Tapp writes. “But now that travel is severely restricted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, dreams of exploring New Zealand need to be put on hold, at least for the time…

Science/Tech | Dataquest
05 May 2020
AI and Bias Removal a Herculean Task
“Google’s algorithm for detecting hate speech tended to punish tweets written by African Americans, classifying 46 per cent of non-offensive messages as hate language, even if they were…
Politics and Economics | Guardian (The)
06 May 2020
James Shaw on Our Economic Climate Post-COVID-19
Cheap, renewable electricity is one way of reviving economies and preserving New Zealand’s natural environment, Climate Change Minister and co-leader of…
Community/General | Stuff
06 May 2020
Geoff Walker a Helping Hand in Uganda
Photographer Geoff Walker left New Zealand to escape the haunting memory of witnessing the 2012 Carterton balloon tragedy, and found a new purpose for life in humanitarian work in Uganda,…
Sport General | Guardian (The)
05 May 2020
Football Forward Katie Rood Embraces Veganism
“I have gone from five years of continuous injuries to five years with almost nothing,” professional footballer Katie Rood, 27, tells The Guardian’s Suzanne…
Nature | World Atlas
04 May 2020
Rare Parakeet Rebounds in New Zealand
Populations of New Zealand’s critically endangered orange-fronted parakeet, or Malherbe’s parakeet, are recovering thanks to conservation efforts concentrated on bringing them back…
Wine | Resident (The)
04 May 2020
Eleven of New Zealand’s Best Wines
Wine writer Wayne de Nicolo examines the wines of his native country – New Zealand – for London’s online culture magazine, The Resident. Home to the southern-most winemaking region in…
Dream Catchers
Writers | Byline Times
03 May 2020
Katherine Mansfield and Another Edge of the World
“What does it take to decide to up sticks and live abroad? More than just a name, although I confess I liked the idea of living on the Avenue…
Design | Broadsheet
02 May 2020
Ben Shewry’s Attica Drops Killer Merch Line
Melbourne fine diner Attica, owned by Taranaki-born chef Ben Shewry, has recruited six of its talented Australian and New Zealand artist mates to design a range of…
Arts | Contemporary HUM
08 May 2020
Mata Aho Collective in Conversation with Contemporary Hum about Dhaka Art Summit
Mata Aho Collective is a collaboration between four Māori women who…
New Zealand | Guardian (The)
01 May 2015
Rotoroa Island a Bold Wildlife Experiment
Rotoroa Island in the Hauraki Gulf is tiny, at just 82 hectares, but don’t let its diminutiveness fool you: big things are happening here. Over the past few years the…
Business | Ecorazzi
06 May 2010
Tree house wins Webby
Warkworth’s onion-shaped treehouse restaurant, constructed 3ft up in a redwood tree, has won an award in the telecommunications section of the 21…
Politics and Economics | Guardian Unlimited
05 May 2005
Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is
In a show of commitment to the Kyoto Protocol, NZ became the first country in the world to levy a public carbon tax. NZers will now pay an …
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