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From Brian Sweeney, publisher, NZEDGE.COM | 23 April 2020 | #399 | New York
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Politics and Economics | BBC
15 April 2020
New Zealand One of World’s Most Resilient Economies
Experts have already begun assessing how a recovery might look once the COVID-19 virus is contained, and which countries stand to bounce back best. According to the 2019 Global Resilience Index, New Zealand sits at number 12. Lindsey Galloway reports on the findings…

Politics and Economics | Atlantic (The)
21 April 2020
Jacinda Ardern “May Be the Most Effective Leader on the Planet”
Influential U.S. news journal The Atlantic says “Jacinda Ardern’s leadership style, focused on empathy, isn’t just…
Business | Forbes
14 April 2020
Our Entrepreneurs Who Have Made Forbes 30 Under 30
If you’re looking for reasons to stay optimistic despite what is promising to be a challenging year, look no further than the Forbes 30 Under 30…
Fashion | Evening Standard
16 April 2020
Abel Leading Clean Fragrance Charge
Much like clean beauty, clean fragrance is often touted as being free from “nasties” – certainly phthalates – and formulated so as to not irritate the skin. There is no clear-cut…
Business | Pink Tiger Media
18 April 2020
Pink Tiger CEO Raewyn McBain Feels the Rush
Connecting over the phone with three-year Discovery Bay resident New Zealander Raewyn McBain, Around DB journalist Elizabeth Kerr discovers that the inspirational CEO of…
Visual Arts | CNN
17 April 2020
Tips for Virtual Travel From an Agoraphobic
While the coronavirus crisis has restricted most global travel, a typical day sees New Zealander Jacqui Kenny spend the morning in Arizonian desert, lunch in Kyrgyzstan…
Film & TV | Metro
20 April 2020
Sixty Seconds With Anna Paquin
New Zealand-Canadian actress Anna Paquin, 37, speaks with UK newspaper Metro about season two of television series, Flack, being a child star, and living under lockdown.

“Nobody wants to hear actors…

Business | Edinburgh Evening News
21 April 2020
Diana Baker’s Online Baby Photography Class a Hit
For new mothers across the world the coronavirus crisis has thrown a major spanner in the works of what should be a time of celebration and…
Visual Arts | Guardian (The)
22 April 2020
Endangered Kea Image a Shot of the 2000s
Photographers working for UK newspapers The Guardian and The Observer pick their favourite moments from over two decades reporting around the world. A fleeting moment, captured by…
Community/General | Slate
13 April 2020
May the US Find Its Ashley Bloomfield
“It’s a dark time, with the days blurring together and the hours crawling by. New Zealanders may be known for our laid-back, generally cheerful demeanours, but truth be told we’re…
Science/Tech | Forbes
18 April 2015
Rocket Lab Unveils 3D-Printed, Battery-Powered Rocket Engine
The liquid-fueled, battery powered engine is capable of 4,600 pounds of thrust and…
Politics | Ottawa Citezen
21 April 2010
Shared Heritage
“Canada and New Zealand may lie at opposite ends of the earth, but we are bound together by a common history,” Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper declared during John Key’s visit to the capital Ottawa…
War & Peace | BBC News
25 April 2005
Birthplace of a Nation
A record-breaking crowd of more than 20,000 attended this year’s dawn service at Anzac Cove. Also in attendance were Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Helen…
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