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Politics and Economics | Islands Business
20 January 2020
Jacinda Ardern is Pacific Person of the Year
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is Fiji-based publication, Islands Business 2019 Pacific Person of the Year, the second person of non-Pacific heritage to ever be awarded the title.

“Just over two years since she took office, events in New Zealand and in…

Visual Arts | New York Times (The)
23 January 2020
Behind Security Through Obscurity is Simon Denny
The death knell of the Patagonia vest, at least as a symbol of utopianism co-opted by the tech and venture capital world and transformed into shorthand for…
Obituaries | New York Times (The)
22 January 2020
Haiti Journalist Bernard Diederich a Man of Truth
Christchurch-born Bernard “Bernie” Diederich, a long-time journalist in the Caribbean region who braved dictators and disasters, has died in his…
Nature | Washington Post (The)
21 January 2020
Scientists Climb Tane Mahuta to Help Save Kauri
Two arborists, chest-deep in underbrush, secured a rope slung over a branch in the Waipoua Forest, close to the northern tip of New Zealand. Scott Forrest…
Business | Forbes
24 January 2020
Cruise CEO Dan Ammann Looks Beyond the Car
Late last year, the former General Motors president wrote a blog post entitled, “We Need To Move Beyond The Car”. The statement wouldn’t be surprising if it came from…
Business | Fast Company
19 January 2020
Brand Allbirds Charting Climate-Positive Roadmap
The last four years have been a whirlwind for New Zealander Tim Brown and American Joey Zwillinger, the founders of Allbirds. The company has recently…
Arts | Contemporary HUM
18 January 2020
What’s for – Decolonial – Dinner?
Online art platform Contemporary HUM’s last publication of 2019 sees Indigenous Canadian artist and curator Tania Willard explore the work of New Zealand artists BC Collective and Louisa Afoa,…
Community/General | Guardian (The)
18 January 2020
Chief Censor David Shanks Tackles the C-Word
When David Shanks presents himself at international conferences, his peers recoil slightly, Charlotte Graham-McLay reports for The Guardian.

“I’d introduce…

Media | Noted
17 January 2020
BBC Producer Tama Muru Drops a Few Names
For a lifelong news and sports nut who loves to travel, a job that requires meeting the world’s top newsmakers and athletes is a dream for BBC TV producer, New Zealander Tama…
Design | Wallpaper
16 January 2020
Sabine Marcelis Wallpaper Designer of the Year
Between fountains for Fendi, donut-shaped rugs, and a takeover of Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Pavilion, New Zealand-raised designer Sabine Marcelis has…
Travel | New Zealand Herald (The)
20 January 2015
Lake Tekapo Night Skies Premium Spot for Stargazing
The clarity of the night sky in Aoraki Mackenzie Dark Sky Reserve has made Lake Tekapo the world’s second-best spot …
Architecture | Guardian UK (The)
15 January 2010
Stepping off the deck
For the past 20 years, Sir Peter Blake’s widow Pippa Blake has lived on the Chichester harbour sea front in a 1940s bungalow where just recently “a forward-thinking architect tore down walls, built a balcony and…
Innovation | Xinhuanet
13 January 2005
Make No Bones About It
NZ has again opened a new path in medicine, this time in the field of bone reconstruction. Dr George Dias of Otago University’s anatomy and structural biology…
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