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From Brian Sweeney, publisher, NZEDGE.COM | 15 January 2020 | #390 | New York
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Music | Billboard
14 January 2020
Lorde’s Smash Hit Royals Defines a Decade
American magazine Billboard celebrated the 2010s with essays on the 100 songs that they felt most defined the decade that was, including Lorde’s hit single, “Royals”.

“When ‘Royals’ arrived in June 2013, not many listeners stateside knew who Lorde…

Agriculture | Farmers Weekly
10 January 2020
Farmer Matt Smith Furthers Deer Enterprise
Cornish farmers New Zealand-born world shearing champ Matt Smith and his wife Pip are hoping to capitalise on soaring demand for British venison having recently launched…
Media | GQ
11 January 2020
Spinning Yarns With Beats 1 DJ Zane Lowe
New Zealander Zane Lowe, 46, has a healthy Cali glow, as you’d expect from a man who swapped the rainy gruel of London for the kale-flavoured, free-range chakras of LA…
Fashion | Harper’s Bazaar UK
12 January 2020
Make Give Love Benefits From the Archie Effect
Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor might only be seven months old, but he already has plenty of sway when it comes to fashion, Amy de Klerk writes for…
Politics and Economics | Guardian (The)
12 January 2020
UK Ambassador Laura Clarke’s Aim in Office
In an opinion piece for The Guardian, Laura Clarke, the British high commissioner to New Zealand, writes about why the UK wants to strengthen its relationship with…
Community/General | Irish Times (The)
13 January 2020
Dubliner Gavin Lang Loves NZ’s Mountains
Each week, The Irish Times column “Abroad” interviews an Irish person working in an interesting job overseas. Last week the newspaper met Gavin Lang, who is originally…
Visual Arts | Hutchinson News (The)
09 January 2020
Emerald McGlashan’s Photos Showing in Kansas
The story of how New Zealander Emerald McGlashan’s artwork ended up in an art gallery in Lindsborg, United States is also the story of how she found a small…
Film & TV | HuffPost UK
15 January 2020
Filmmaker Sasha Rainbow Inspired in India
New Zealand-born filmmaker and director Sasha Rainbow explains what a six-year-old Indian skateboarder taught her about life in a story for HuffPost UK.


Design | Wallpaper
16 January 2020
Sabine Marcelis Wallpaper Designer of the Year
Between fountains for Fendi, donut-shaped rugs, and a takeover of Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Pavilion, New Zealand-raised designer Sabine Marcelis has…
Theatre | Guardian (The)
08 January 2020
Bret McKenzie Speaks on the Oddness of Fame
The Flight of the Conchords star Bret McKenzie, 43, who is guest curating this year’s New Zealand Festival, speaks to The Guardian’s Charlotte Graham-McLay about his…
Taste | Washington Post
14 January 2015
South Island Fly Fishing a Bucket List Must
A combination of big fish, spectacular scenery and clear streams has made New Zealand, particularly the South Island, a “bucket bucket-list…
Society | news.com.au
11 January 2010
Together in Song
New Zealand’s national anthem could soon be played alongside the Australian during Anzac Day ceremonies at Queensland schools. Premier Anna Bligh, who is chairwoman of the Anzac Day Commemoration…
Design | Interior Design
11 January 2005
New Zealand Riviera
To entice buyers to a resort development, Pip Cheshire and Terry Hunziker designed a rustic guest lodge Bay of Islands, a remote spot about 150 miles northeast of Auckland. Located in a…
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