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Business | BBC
29 December 2019
How Uni Dropout Nick Mowbray Built a Toy Empire
The BBC’s weekly ‘The Boss’ series profiles different business leaders from around the world. Last week, the broadcaster’s Virginia Harrison spoke to New Zealander Nick Mowbray, 34, co-founder and co-chief executive of toymaker Zuru.

A few years into trying…

Agriculture | Guardian (The)
07 January 2020
Sky Shepherds a Vital Farming Tool
Corey Lambeth, a New Zealand farmer, originally purchased a drone for photography, but he quickly realised the device had more practical applications. “I thought ‘I’ll just give it a nudge on…
Nature | CNN
06 January 2020
Can Technology Save the Kākāpō?
Large, plump and nocturnal, the kākāpō is the only parrot in the world that lives on the ground and cannot fly. There are only 211 in existence, confined to four small islands off the New…
Music | TVNZ
05 January 2020
Alien Weaponry Earns Finnish Accolades
Te Reo Māori heavy metal band Alien Weaponry’s debut LP has been named album of the decade by readers of online Finnish music publication, Tuonela Magazine.

“In Tū, Alien…

Theatre | Guardian (The)
08 January 2020
Bret McKenzie Speaks on the Oddness of Fame
The Flight of the Conchords star Bret McKenzie, 43, who is guest curating this year’s New Zealand Festival, speaks to The Guardian’s Charlotte Graham-McLay about his…
Business | Irish Times (The)
27 December 2019
In Dublin Caroline Gardner is Making Good
The brainchild of New Zealander Caroline Gardner and Irish woman Joan Ellison, Dublin’s We Make Good teams designers with people who face social difficulties and challenges,…
New Zealand | New York Times (The)
26 December 2019
On the West Coast Beauty Doesn’t Stop
Though now only partially open to the public owing to a slip, the 55.7km Paparoa Track on the West Coast is the first addition to the Great Walks in 25 years. Sebastian Modak, The…
Music | American Songwriter
21 December 2019
LA-Based Eden Iris Shares New Soulful Single
Every six weeks, New Zealander Eden Iris will release a new single. Timed perfectly, when these tracks run dry it will be just in time for the release of the singer…
Nature | National Geographic
04 January 2020
Manawatāwhi’s Lonely Kaikōmako Gets Some Neighbours
After seven decades of cuttings, failures, plant enzymes, a little coaxing, and a Māori blessing, one of the world’s rarest trees…
Music | HalifaxToday
03 January 2020
Next Stop Halifax for Conductor Holly Mathieson
After an extensive search, Dunedin-born Holly Mathieson, 38, will head to Halifax, Canada in January 2020 to begin working with the 37-piece Symphony Nova…
New Zealand | Architectural Digest India
31 December 2019
Experience True Silence in Doubtful Sound
“With towering snow-capped mountains, surreal waterfalls, crystal clear lakes and lush rain forests Doubtful Sound in New Zealand is a destination frozen in time… just like…
Business | Financial News
30 December 2019
Banker Ross McEwan Receives OBE
Former chief executive of the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) New Zealander Ross McEwan, whose job at the UK lender was labelled one of the toughest in banking, has been named in the Queen’s 2020 New Year…
Taste | i news
29 December 2019
Chef Monica Galetti’s Festive Food Tips
As this year’s MasterChef: The Professionals drew to a nail-biting finale i spoke with one of the show’s judges, New Zealander Monica Galetti, to find out what she made of…
New Zealand | New York Times
07 January 2015
New Zealand Glaciers Ebb and Tour Guides Play Catch-Up
Climate change is having uneven economic effects on tourism operators like…
Nature | Desert News
09 January 2010
On the Floral Trail
New Zealand municipal botanical gardens, including Hamilton Gardens and the Whakarewarewa Forest…
Design | Interior Design
01 January 2005
New Zealand Riveria
To entice buyers to a resort development, Pip Cheshire and Terry Hunziker designed a rustic guest lodge Bay of…
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